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Welcome to Palm Coast Immigration Law by Emanuel Moore, Esquire -- a Licensed Palm Coast Immigration Attorney in the State of New York, The District of Columbia and All Federal Courts.

If you are looking for a Palm Cast Immigration Lawyer, know this: Mr. Moore has over 40 Years of experience, has previously been with the U.S. Department of Justice, and has proven ability to provide solutions to all U.S. Federal Criminal, Civil and Immigration cases.

We service the entire State of Florida for immigration matters from our Palm Coast office.

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From acquittals in federal criminal defense to helping entire families become American citizens, Attorney Emanuel Moore has served his clients with dedication.

Prompt responses, treating clients with respect and a high rate of success in all areas of litigation are our brand-attributes.

When your life, liberty or finances are at risk you need to place your trust in an experienced trial lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the State and Federal Legal Systems. We want to ensure your rights are protected, and your freedom and assets are secure.